Nick Wilshire







Nick Wilshire is currently the Director of ZHRecruit, operating in Shenzhen, Brisbane and Hong Kong. Having previously worked in business development with MRI Worldwide in Hong Kong, and later as a manager at Agilis International in Shenzhen, over the years Nick has accumulated extensive experience in the South China’s trade and investment industries. Part of Nick’s ability to consistently achieve challenging targets comes from his cultural understanding and ability to converse fluently in English, Mandarin and conversational Cantonese, attributes which have been developed over 14 years living and working in China. Nick has worked closely with the media in varying capacities, from appearing as a special guest on CCTV to writing for the Shenzhen Daily. In addition, his clients consist of international companies, which meant he has completed projects in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Macau, Europe, US and the Middle East. From organizing events and liaising with Australian Government Officials, Nick has also developed contacts and is familiar with the government sector.  His involvement with AustCham South China since 2015 has proven invaluable, offering his business networks and expertise to promote trade between Australia and China in both the government and non-government sector.