June 16 Business Lunch with the Australian Consul-General Review

Austcham South China on June 16 hosted a business luncheon at The Garden Hotel with Mr. Dominic Trindade, Australian Consul-General as the keynote speaker.

澳大利亚商会于6月16日在花园酒店举办商务午宴活动,澳大利亚总领事Mr. Dominic Trindade作为主要演讲嘉宾出席了本次活动。

Mr. Dominic Trindade says the bilateral agreement between China and Australia has laid a strong economic foundation in which both countries will benefit from for years to come. The free trade agreement will help improve the competitiveness of Australian products and service providers in China.


Mr. Dominic also mentioned that the Australian Government is on track to release a 10 year multiple entry visa, which will see a growth in outbound tourism to Australia.


Once again a big thank you to Pran Wines for sponsoring Australian wines.


Below are photos from June 16 Networking Lunch.


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