An Interview with Nigel Blair by China Daily

China Daily sits down for an exclusive interview with Nigel Blair, founder and president of Nihao Global. He talks about his love of China, his companies and his philosophy of life…


Nigel has 20+ years’business experience in the US, Australia, UK, Europe and Asia. Once Nigel started travelling more extensively in Asia where he now lives and he is primarily based in Beijing China, he quickly realised the lack of professional resources and the challenges that face western businesses trying to gain entrance into the Chinese market. Some of the tasks are quite basic but overwhelming for visitors who don’t speak the language, such as just getting around, taking a taxi etc. Then the issues of doing business in China, such as cultural barriers, relationships and differences in laws and operational procedures —so the idea of Nihao Global was born. Currently, Nihao Global is represented in 19 major cities in China, with customers from across the world, including Europe, America, Israel, Australia etc.

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