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Lai Wan Market:

In southern China, soup is an essential part of the cuisine.  According to traditional Cantonese cooking methods, a delicious clear broth is prepared by slowly simmering meat and other ingredients over mild heat for several hours.  The addition of Chinese medicinal herbs makes these soups even more healthy and nutritious.  Experience this classic Cantonese dish with our daily signature soup by Chef Liang.


Daily from 18:00-19:00

RMB 68/ Portion (6-8 persons)

Reservations: 18926258505


Peach Blossom: 

In southern China, roast duck is a variety of “Siu Mei”, which generally means roasted meat dishes in Cantonese cuisine. It is made by roasting duck with seasoning in a charcoal furnace at high temperature. Roasted duck have crispy skin with juicy and tender meat. Slices of roasted duck are generally served with plum sauce and usually served as the first dish in Cantonese Cuisine after soup. Enjoy authentic Cantonese roasted duck in the Peach Blossom.


Daily from 17:30-18:30

RMB 99/ Portion (2 styles)

Reservations: 18926258505