May 7th | A Rainy Run for Love with AustCham South China

On Sunday the 7th of May AustCham’s Asha Forsyth participated alongside Zac Wang (Lloyd Morgan)and Chuan Tran (Little Treasure) in the Happy 10K Run. The three ran to raise money for The Wilbers Foundation, a Guangzhou-based charity helping children in need. In total 5075RMB was raised and will be donated to Wilbers’ program to support children in hospital. Thank you to everyone who gave their support financially and  emotionally on the day!

The race itself was memorable to say the least, starting at 6:30am with over 5,000 participants of all ages and running levels. Unfortunately Chuan injured himself prior to the run and could not complete the 10kms, but was there to support and cheer the others across the finish line. Sunday’s torrential storms hit our runners during the race, making it a challenging but more exciting experience. Upbeat music blasted along the track providing many an opportunity for a dance break in the rain. All in all a great effort from our team and something to look forward to again in 2018!

Editor: Chen Zhikang