AustCham South China Accounts and Finance Internship

Position Outline
Title: Accounts and Finance Associate
Key Responsibilities

  • Business Administration – Assist in the preparation of the monthly board materials and business administration in consultation with the Business Executive
  • Financial Reporting & Accounts – Assist in AustCham South China’s accounts and budget preparations in consultation with The Business Executive and The Treasurer
  • Membership Drive – Assist in membership and sponsorship drive of AustCham
  • Business Development – Assist in establishing and executing management plans informed by the financial reporting / accounts management / business administration work done within the role
  • Will occasionally be called on to assist with event planning working closely with the Business Executive

Qualifications Required

  • Interest in Australia-China relationship
  • Analytical and research skills
  • Strong time management and communication skills
  • Experience developing, implementing and reporting on strategic plans as part of a small team
  • Fluent in English and Chinese language skills desirable
  • Understanding of Australian/Chinese business practices
  • Strong and flexible work ethic, adept at multitasking and prioritising
  • Ability to work independently and to work effectively in a cross-cultural team
  • Must be organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to communicate with members and stakeholders in a highly professional and helpful manner

General Awareness: Understands the considerations and values of a non-profit, membership based organization.  Ability to work in a small team environment, contribute positively to local atmosphere and deliver on job responsibilities.


Applications require a 1-2 page CV and 1 page Cover Letter.

To apply for this position and for more information please contact