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Are you an Individual or Organisation who need to adapt and evolve with the changes we face in the coming years? 

Then Mimir Consulting is the learning partner for you. 

Mimir Consulting’s products are based on transformational learning methods and development for higher performance to deal with change and disruption. 

We believe it is important for leaders to lead themselves before they can lead others or change around them. When people have attended courses from Mimir Consulting they are left with tools to become more self-lead leaders and to make a difference in their personal and work life.  

Mimir works in different areas to support Individuals, Communities and Organisations to learn skill sets to prepare and adapt for a world in change. 


携手Mimir你是个人还是公司组织,需要适应和发展我们未来几年所面临的变化?那么,Mimir Consulting是您的学习合作伙伴。
Mimir Consulting的产品基于转型学习方法和开发,以实现更高的性能,以应对变化和分裂。我们认为领导者在领导他人或改变他们之前,领导自己是很重要的。当人们参加Mimir Consulting的课程时,他们会得到相应的工具,成为能够自我领导的领导者,并在个人和工作生活中发挥作用。


News and updates to keep up with change: 
Social media and News Letters will have articles about current topics, insights to inform and inspire self-leadership to make a difference. 

Events and keynote speeches: 
Mimir organises and collaborates with other organisations holding events andkeynote talks about topics which can support Individuals, Communities and Organisations to forge, build and grow for positive change. 




Learning Leader

Is a Mimir Consulting developed programme and aimed at anyone who wants to take the first step into self-leadership and transformational learning. It is based around 6 Levels and will cover many topics which were missed out in most formal education throughout the world. These are however many of the skills which are now seen as essential 21st Century skills to adapt to a world in exponential change. 





Mimir Consulting can offer Individual and Team coaching from ICF trained and accredited coaches. Mimir Consulting is involved in developing awareness of the professional Coaching Community. 

Mimir’s CEO is herself a Transcend ICF qualified Team and Individual Coach and a member of ICF.




Mimir Consulting为ICF培训和认证的教练,为个人和团队提供辅导。 Mimir Consulting致力于培养专业教练社区的意识。

Mimir首席执行官本人是Transcend ICF合格的团队和个人教练,也是ICF的成员。


Corporate Training of Teams

These courses vary from 1-2 days courses and are developed by a professional educator. 

•    Team Building*

•    Communication

•    Presentation and PublicSpeaking

•    Conflict Resolution

•    Cultural EmotionalIntelligence and Awareness


*Mimir’s Team building course is based around theory and learn how to make a team perform in their normal work environment. If TeamBonding, Out of Bounds activities are needed, Mimir Consulting have collaborators which can be recommended.


Courses will be specifically designed and tailored for the organisations training need.











* Mimir的团队建设课程以学习如何提高团队在正常工作环境中表的现为基础。如果需要团队绑定,如果需要跨界合作,Mimir Consulting可以推荐合作者。




GENOS International Assessments and Training Courses 

Emotional Intelligence is becoming more and more important, and is one of the top skills we need to develop according to the many future work reports from the Economic Forum.


Mimirs CEO is passionate about this topic and has become a GENOS International Practitioner. 


GENOS International was awarded as the Top 20 Company in 2018 for Assessment and Evaluation by the Training Industry.


Mimir Consulting can provide GENOS International Assessments and unique Training Courses in English and Chinese. Please contact us for more details.








GENOS 被培训行业评估为2018年度20强企业




Trainer Profile


Mette Pausgaard


BA, MEd, Transcend ICF Individual and Team Coach, Genos International practitioner, Mediator.


Started her career in Education and the transfer of learning and the retainment of the learning being passed on is a core of what Mette does. She has lived a substantial number of years in three different countries so have a great understanding of cultural differences from first-hand experience. Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Conflict resolution through transformational learning is what she believes is the key to developing and growing in a world of change. She has taught in Outstanding schools in England, trained multinationals and government organisations through out her career. She is also a keynote speaker and has spoken at TEDx Xiguan Guangzhou China.

She is passionate about developing Individuals, Communities and Organisations to make a difference in a world of change.



Mette Pausgaard

BA,MEd,优秀的 ICF个人和团队教练,Genos International从业者,媒体从业人员。