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Learning Leaders make a difference

Have you heard a lot about how jobs will be replaced by AI Robots and that because of this, most of the workforce will be out of work?



This may not be as far fetch as you think.When technology like AI takes hold and impacted upon the current way ofworking, we as humans will need to be prepared in order to keep up with the predictable change and adapt to these changes effectively.



If we do not anticipate these foreseeable changes and enhance our skills accordingly, it is safe to assume that we maysoon be replaced by the new technology.



We learn very little about ourselves at formal education institutions such as kindergarten, school and university. However, knowing ourselves is crucial in every facet of our lives. Whether we want to have a happy family, find our own career path, build a successful company or identify our callings in life, we need to know ourselves. Only in recent years, these skills are slowly becoming part of the curriculum in formal education in some countries. It is, however, still a long way to go in becoming common mainstream education.



Success does not come from outside; it comes from within us. Nobody can become greatly successful without having confidence in their abilities and potentials. However, it is not easy to know all these success factors, as they need to be learnt.



Mimir Consulting has developed an effective program called the “Learning Leader”. This program is developed for anyone facing a life changing event – be it a crossroad in life or contemplating career change or wishing to perform at their best. If we want to achieve an almost impossible to achieve result, we must compel to push ourselves to the limit and challenge ourselves to do things we have never done.

米密尔咨询公司开发了一个名为学习领导力的有效课程。该课程是为面临改变生活的活动的任何人开发的 – 无论是生活中的十字路口还是考虑改变职业生涯或希望以最佳方式表现。如果我们想要实现几乎不可能实现的结果,我们必须强迫自己达到极限并挑战自己去做我们从未做过的事情。


The 72-hour transformational program has already changed numerous people’s lives. This course is an introduction level into the skills you will need to excel in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty,complexity and ambiguity) world.



The previous participants have already witnessed that they are now more decisive, goal oriented, open minded, self-leading and better at problem-solving. These are key skills highlighted in numerous future work reports as being skills which will differentiate you from others and provide you with the competitive edge.



Mimir’s Learning Leader Programme runs every Spring and Autumn. Are you keen to learn how to sustain your competitive advantage and get yourself ahead of the curve in getting yourself prepared for the future? If so, do register your interest here for more information or to enrol onto the Autumn course.


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