InterChamber Networking Drinks! @Guangzhou

InterChamber Business Networking is organised and supported by 8 international chambers (Australian Chamber, Benelux chamber, British Chamber, French Chamber, German Chamber, Italian Chamber and Swiss Chamber) in GBA. It is an event that to bring together entrepreneurs, businesspeople, managers and professionals from various industries, companies and cultures, providing them with the opportunity to meet each other in a welcoming and relaxing setting by enjoying finger food, wine and beer.


Guangzhou China Hotel 


2/F Crystal Ballroom, Section A, China Hotel

122 Liu Hua Road Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou

中国大酒店 丽晶殿A段,广州市越秀区流花路122号


Cocktail menu 酒会菜单 2020-6-23

Snack food 小食

Cheese platter 芝士拼盘

Assorted Dried Fruits 什锦干果

Nachos with Guacamole Dip 墨西哥脆片配蘸酱

Smoked salmon canapés 烟三文鱼小吃

Tuna fish finger sandwiches 吞拿鱼手指三文治

Assorted vegetable strips 什锦蔬菜条

Hot Food 热食

Fried potato wedges 香脆炸薯角

Vegetarian spring roll 蔬菜春卷

Mini hot dog 迷你热狗

German style grilled pork sausage 德式纽伦堡肠

Quesadilla 墨西哥夹饼

Vegetable pasta with cream of tomato sauce 忌廉茄汁烩意粉伴蔬菜

Seafood pizza 迷你海鲜披萨

Dessert 甜品

Mango Pudding 牛奶香芒布丁

Milk Chocolate Berry Crunch 牛奶巧克力红莓香脆

Classics Chocolate Truffle Cake 经典巧克力松露蛋糕

Coconut Jelly 红豆椰子奶冻

Portuguese egg pastry 葡挞

Mango cheese dome 绿茶芝士蛋糕

Assorted Fresh Fruit 新鲜水果

Soft Drinks 软饮

Coca-Cola 可乐

Sprite 雪碧

coffee 咖啡

tea 茶

Organised by

China-Australia Chamber of Commerce-SC (AustCham) 


British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham)


Supported by

Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (BenCham) 


Oficial De Comercio De España en China-Divisón sur de China (Cámara) 


Camera di Commercio Italiana in Cina (IChina-Italy Chamber of Commerce) 


CCI French Chine (French Chamber) 


German Chamber of Commerce in China-South &Southwest (German Chamber) 


Swiss Chamber of Commerce (SwissCham) 


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