Since 2005, Interwine Exhibition took the lead in holding the first professional international wine and spirits exhibition in China-Interwine China.
Interwine has established contacts with 76 wine-producing countries, 200+ producing-region governments and 45,000+ wineries in the world; it has close relations with embassies and consulates in China and 206 wine associations and chambers of commerce worldwide;
it has active business contacts with 300,000 wine merchants. Ketong Exhibition has become a gateway for wines from all over the world to enter the Chinese market, and has won a good reputation in wine producing countries around the world. There are 9 major brand projects under Ketong Exhibition: Interwine China, Interwine Beijing Premium Wine & World Awarding Wine Fair, Interwine Shenzhen World Wineries Fair, GLOFEX China High-end Food Exhibition, Interwine Roadshow, Interwine Grand Challenge (IGC), Interwine World Winery Tour, Interwine Consultant.

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