RVRside Hospitality Group

The RVRside Hospitality Group is the proud owner and operator of two of Guangzhou’s foremost hospitality outlets -JoJo’s Riverside and Zapata’s. Although I don’t have the statistics from other F&B venues, I believe that the outlets are South China, if not China’s biggest privately Australian owned and operated western bar and restaurants. The RVRside Group was created in 2018 with the opening of JoJo’s Riverside and the merger of JoJo’s Riverside with Zapata’s Guangzhou (established in 2012).
Both JoJo’s Riverside and Zapata’s are iconic brands in South China and beyond. Both outlets have unprecedented revenue levels and fan bases. We are very proud of what we have built and the resilience the team and brands have displayed though the difficult years of COVID 19 only to come out on the other side bigger and better.

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