Shenzhen and Brisbane are the sister cities with frequent cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation. In September 2016, the Brisbane Marketing visited UTCP, and proposed strengthening the cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation between the two cities to build an international creative incubation centre; in May 2017, Brisbane Marketing and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport & Tourism signed the Memorandum of Understanding which marked the successful implementation of the project.

Brisbane Shenzhen Creative Exchange, as a project of international two-way creative incubation and exchanges, supported and guided by the Brisbane Council, Brisbane Marketing and Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport & Tourism, Nanshan District Government, Nanshan District Cultural Industry Development Office, managed by UTCP, has adhered to the business idea of openness and fairness, high-end positioning and sustainable development to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation of the two cities in the field of cultural creativity and innovation and to promote the prosperity and development of related industries.

The project is positioned as the bridge that deepens the exchange and cooperation between the two sister cities; bridgehead that implements the policy of “national culture going global” and helps the Brisbane’s enterprises to expand market in China; incubator that strengthens the mating and cooperation in culture and creativity and accelerates the creativity and startups for successful enterprises; the test field for enterprises to learn the business rules of international trade and overseas investment; the international exhibition and exchange window that popularizes the city image of Shenzhen and Brisbane.
1. Support Shenzhen companies to expand their businesses into Australia via Brisbane.
2. Support Brisbane companies to expand their businesses into China via Shenzhen.
3. Support companies from both cities to secure customer, partner and investment opportunities.
4. Build platform of economic, talent and cultural to increase various exchange activities between the two cities.

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