Global Friendship

Who Are Global Friendship? Founded in 2014 by Fabiola and Rochelle, Global Friendship’s (GF) vision is to connect people from around the world to create greater opportunities for all. GF has transformed and developed into one of the biggest foreign communities in southern China, with more than 5000 followers, from over 100 countries or areas …

Delta Bridges

An media and PR network aiming at bridging people across the Pearl River Delta, with a focus on the top tier business community. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo available WeChat Subscription available

that’s PRD

that’s PRD A leading English-language monthly magazine covering South China, especially the Pearl River Delta, with multiple active online communities. Over 1,500 followers on Facebook Multiple marketing channel including LinkedIn and Twitter

Now Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen is a website keeping the community of Shenzhen, expat and Chinese informed of events and other happenings around the city. They provide a daily newsletter, event calendar, job search, apartment search, as well as other services.


A famous website and local information provider in South China (Dongguan in particular). Over 3,600 followers on Facebook Twitter , Weibo (Microblog in China) and WeChat Subscription available


Ringy is the first and only service WeChat account that provide realtime human translation for FREE. It’s a platform where a group of warm-hearted interpreters strives to help expats in China with communication problems caused by language barriers. By interacting with a real person on WeChat, your language barriers can be easily overcome. Get instant help talking with locals. Find all the information you need on the Chinese internet. Translate product labels and pesky machine buttons! Search official account “ringyringy”, follow Ringy, send Ringy WeChat messages, tell them whatever you need help with.


Easibition Magazine is a magazine focus on hot exhibitions news around the world, up to the minutes trading news about changes in policy, politic as well as economic around the world, and it also includes a cover story. The circulation of Easibition Magazine is over 20000 and the major readers are businessmen. Our magazines are …

Shekou Daily

ShekouDaily helps bring together the English-speaking community in Shekou via online and offline games, social events, and its free community directory and newsletter that share English-Language resources to help expats live comfortably and happily in Shekou.