Kenneth Lam

Brief statement

Being a Chinese Australian, born in Hong Kong, I’ve been living in China for the past 10 years. During this period, being involved with AustCham has given me many opportunities, lessons and a great community to grow and develop. With ties strengthening between China and Australia, I would love to give back to the community of Australians and Chinese that have given me so much during my time here. The lessons that I have developed of both business and cultural aspects in China has allowed me to develop our Australian business with great success. My goal will be to share these lessons with the community so that businesses and people are able to overcome challenges between both the Chinese and Australian cultures. Being a board member will allow my skills and experience to help the AustCham team assist Australian businesses develop and grow in China, and Chinese businesses in Australia. With the Greater Bay Area as a major development in the upcoming years, there are many opportunities and talent from Australia to develop in the Australian/Chinese community. My vision will be to develop a vibrant community of Chinese and Australians to encourage and grow a businesses and cultures of both backgrounds.


Grew up in Australia, Degree in Electrical Engineering At UNSW. Work in an Australian construction company, formerly Cockram, now Icon Co. Over the past 10 years have been involved in several multimillion dollar projects building manufacturing facilities for Baxter Pharmaceutical, Kraft/Mondelez, and theme parks such as Disneyland Shanghai Resort. I have had several years experience in Business Development and now manage the offshore procurement division for our Australian business.