Malcolm Yap

Malcolm Yap is the Greater China CEO of Waterco Limited, an Australian public listed company, World leading innovative manufacturer of water treatment products with applications in Recreational, waste water, industrial, agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

Originally born in Malaysia, Malcolm did his primary and secondary education in Singapore before migrating to Melbourne, Australia in 2002 where he completed his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Masters of Information Management and Systems (E-Business, knowledge Management and Business Intelligence), both at Monash University.

After travelling very regularly to China, helping Ansell Limited complete its M&A project in 2006, Malcolm moved over to China in 2010 after spending 4 years assimilating the two businesses together successfully.

With deep family roots in Asia, being educated and trained professionally in both Singapore and Australia, Malcolm has managed to build an extensive network across Asia and more importantly in China across multiple sectors and has a very deep understanding of the business and cultural aspects of China, thereby helping him become very successful in bridging the sino-western cultural and economic development of businesses that he is involved with.