Max Murphy

Max Murphy is a seasoned entrepreneur and hospitality professional with a distinguished background in international business and cross-cultural engagement. Having spent his formative years immersed in the diverse cultures of the Pacific Islands, Max developed a deep appreciation for global perspectives and an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

After settling in Brisbane, Australia, to pursue his education, Max embarked on a dual Bachelor’s degree program in Modern Asian Studies and International Business, laying the foundation for his future career path. His professional journey commenced with a three-year tenure in Shanghai, where he worked for Snap Printing.

Seeking new challenges, Max ventured into the printed circuit board industry in Taiwan. Max also indulged his passion for rugby, joining the Taipei Baboons Rugby Club. During this time, he bore witness to the tragic impact of terrorism when two bombs exploded at the Sari Club they were at, claiming the lives of 202 people, including five of his teammates.

Deeply affected by this event, Max channeled his grief and determination into a new endeavour, opening the Brass Monkey Taipei, a bar and restaurant that has since become an iconic establishment. Over two decades later, the Brass Monkey continues to thrive as a as a vibrant hub for both locals and expats alike.

In 2007 Max assumed the role of Brand Manager for Diageo’s iconic brands in Taiwan, including Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Baileys, and Guinness. He successfully spearheaded marketing campaigns and brand activations, effectively positioning these renowned brands within the Taiwanese market.

He returned to Shanghai to take the helm of Zapata’s and Sasha’s, two popular establishments that catered to the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. Max entered the Southern China market in 2016 taking over the operations of Zapata’s Guangzhou. In 2018, he opened the now-iconic JoJo’s Riverside, a luxurious venue that quickly established itself as a must visit destination in Guangzhou, China.

Max Murphy is a respected speaker and business leader. He talks about his experience in resilience and overcoming trauma, sharing his personal story and insights with his audiences. He also speaks about his extensive experience in the Asian hospitality industry, providing valuable lessons and stories on entrepreneurship, leadership, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Max currently divides his time between The RVRside Hospitality Group in Guangzhou and the Sunshine Coast, Australia, where his family resides.