About the Report 

The Doing Business in China Survey was conducted with the membership of the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) and the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) in Q3 2017. The survey base comprised Australian businesses operating in or doing business with China.

Responses were received from 100 companies. The survey respondents were predominantly (senior) executive-level leaders who provide strategic leadership in managing their companies’ China business interests.

Report Purpose:

The Doing Business in China Report is a critical tool for the chamber as it helps Australian businesses understand the opportunities and challenges facing companies in China. This report highlights the present and expected future benefits of the still young China-Australia Free Trade Agreement with Australian businesses indicating real optimism about its impact. While the generally agreed upon difficulty-of-doing-business remains the Achilles’ heel for many an Australian trade venture in China, this survey can help reflect and uncover some of the frustrations and obstacles facing Australian businesses in China.

Key Findings

  • In the last financial year, 52 percent of survey respondents said their financial performance in China was profitable.
  • 55 percent said that doing business with China was somewhat difficult.
  • Australian businesses felt increased engagement/attention from Chinese authorities positively impacted them. For instance, 26% felt optimistic about new IP protection measures, notwithstanding just over 2/3 were neutral.

Doing Business in China Report in the media

On Thursday, March 15th, CEO and Executive Director of AustCham Beijing, Nick Coyle spoke live on CNBC highlighting the optimistic findings from the Doing Business in China Report. In the interview Mr Coyle discussed the likely increase in investment from Australian business, as well as the additional upcoming opportunities created by China’s growing middle class and the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). Click here to watch the full interview.

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