​Recent Changes to Australia’s Foreign Investment Laws Briefing

The new Australian foreign investment laws which came into force on January 1, 2021, are the most significant changes to Australia’s foreign investment regime in the last 45 years. These reforms pose a significant change to the foreign investment system in Australia; and present new risks that need to be managed by foreign investors.




The Foreign Investment Reform (Protecting Australia’s National Security) Act enacts a new ‘zero dollar’ threshold for ‘national security business,’ as well as new powers to review foreign investment in Australia. This briefing is essential for existing investors in Australia, whose current investments maybe by caught by the ‘passive’ aspects of the new laws; potential new foreign investors to Australia; as well as Australian businesses seeking to attract foreign investment.




The new “call-in” and “last resort” powers to review investments (even if they are below the threshold under the China Australia Free Trade Agreement), plus increased penalties considerably impact on foreign investors. The briefing will also discuss Australia’s “foreign interference” and “overseas corrupt practices” laws as they impact on business.



The recent changes to the Australian foreign investment laws briefing will be given by the foreign expert at Kingbridge Law Firm, Mr. Peter Fenton. Mr. Fenton holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland and is admitted as a solicitor to the High Court of Australia. Peter was a solicitor at the Australian Government Solicitor (before coming to China a decade ago) and has given advice and conducted litigation on Australian commercial matters.


广东金桥百信律师事务所的外国专家冯彼德《Peter Fenton》先生将负责澳大利亚外国投资法近年变化的简报。冯先生拥有昆士兰大学的法律学士学位,并被澳大利亚高等法院承认为律师。彼德作为澳大利亚政府的律师(在来中国之前的十年),曾就澳大利亚的商业问题提供咨询和进行诉讼。

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