April 11 | International Women’s Day Event Guangzhou


This year we are going to host the International Women’s Day event in Shenzhen as well, in partnership with Global Friendship and CanCham PRD. The purpose of this event is to bring women from all walks of life together to network, empower and inspire one another.

Join us to celebrate womanhood, to inspire others and being inspired. The events are putting together by hardworking ladies, and gentlemen too, and this year it’s opening to men, you don’t have to be a female to be a feminist. It is also not just about womanhood, we want to normalise positive masculinity. Men too, can be sharing the care, showing emotions, seeking help and sharing feelings. Men too, can connect and get inspired by the dynamic, and empowered women who continue to take part in such events!

At the current rate, it will take us 99.5 years to achieve gender equality, while our dreams of achieving gender equality may seem too far away, they are not impossible to achieve. You can take actions, it’s not just about the present, but also the future. We want an equal future.

The theme this year is: Owning Your Story.

Dress in black and add a creative, bold touch to show everyone WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF.

I am ready to be empowered!


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310 RMB Regular

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