Picnic Basket at Residence G | 你的专属G式野餐

While Shenzhen has many blue-sky days throughout the year, in winter, instead of withering leaves – as it is the case in Western countries, many kinds of flowers are still in full bloom. And during this time, the outdoor temperature is very pleasant, making it the most suitable for outdoor activities. In simpler terms, now is the picnic season!


How about enjoying the blue sky and soaking in the warm rays of sunshine and sweet air this weekend by having a picnic with your loved ones? Whether you wish to spend time with your friends or family, Residence G has you covered with its delicious basket of homemade feast and delectable wine to bring wherever you fancy and fully enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Sometimes, happiness takes the simplest forms, wouldn’t you agree so?


Picnic comes from the French word ‘pique-nique’, which loosely translates to pick something of importance, referring to the custom of bringing along something special to share with friends in a scenic setting. Spend an afternoon under a pleasant weather, surrounded by refreshing drinks, gourmet food, and most importantly, good company, and you’ll quickly understand why picnics have become such a globally enjoyed pastime.


Made to be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, Residence G Shenzhen’s Picnic Basket @G comes in two options packed for two persons by our talented Executive Chef Danny Xie, who takes Shenzhen picnics to new heights with his Western cuisine experience and creativity.

深圳G公寓推出的2款双人野餐篮,适合在任何时间和场合享用。把深圳的野餐美食带到全新高度的是我们的行政总厨Danny Xie,他完美地将西式美食创意融合到了这次的野餐美食中。

Picnic basket for 2 persons: 2 basket options

双人野餐篮子: 2个篮子选项



Vegan spring roll 素食春卷

A trio of carrot sticks 胡萝卜棒

Fresh fruits 新鲜水果

Falafel with tzatziki 沙拉三明治配酸奶黄瓜酱

BLT sandwich BLT三明治

Chocolate brownie 巧克力布朗尼

Carrot juice in bottles 瓶装胡萝卜汁


178 RMB+10%




Vegan spring roll 素食春卷

A trio of carrot sticks 胡萝卜棒

Fresh fruit 新鲜水果

Falafel with tzatziki 沙拉三明治配酸奶黄瓜酱

Goat cheese & spinach tortilla rolls 山羊奶酪和菠菜玉米饼卷

Canelé French pastry Canelé法国糕点

Carrot juice in bottles 瓶装胡萝卜汁

Price 价格:

218RMB +10%


Terms & Conditions


•Available from now until the end of March 2021 从现在起至2021年3月底可用

•The picnic basket can be ordered on the same day as your picnic day野餐篮子可以在野炊同一天订购

•The picnic basket is available daily from 11 am until 6 pm 野餐篮子每天从上午11点到下午6点供应

Shenzhen ranks as the fifth greenest city in the world; what better way to take advantage of the natural beauty of the city than a picnic? Residence G’s prime location in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, only blocks away from the Talent Park, Shenzhen Bay Park and Shekou Nanshan Mountain, means a Picnic Basket @G will not only be a feast for your appetite but also for your five senses.


You can choose to enjoy our feast in a basket with the scenic views of Shenzhen from the comfort of the G Garden on Residence G’s Terrace or take the picnic basket to go to any of the nearby parks. The basket makes a great souvenir too – it is yours to keep.


Located on the 10th floor of the Residence G, the Terrace provides some of the finest views of Shenzhen in a relaxing and upscale environment. With the G Garden located on the Terrace, it is the perfect destination for a relaxing afternoon picnic for the discerning international clientele.


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