Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to corporations, enterprises or institutions that have a registered office in China with Australian, Chinese or international ownership, management and interests.

Corporate membership entitles members to vote and stand for election to the Board of Directors every two years.

The annual Corporate Membership fee is ¥4,000, which includes up to ten corporate nominees who can participate in AustCham events and activities.

Overseas Corporate Membership

Overseas membership is open to corporations, enterprises or institutions that do not have a registered office in China. This membership does not carry voting or standing rights for election to the Board of Directors annual general meeting.

Overseas Corporate Membership entitles the organisation to receive “Members Only” access to the national directory and event seminars materials.

The annual Corporate Overseas Corporate Membership fee is ¥4,000.

Individual Membership 

Individual membership is open to Australian, Chinese or international citizens or permanent residents living in China who do not qualify for Corporate Membership but have an active interest in being involved with the Chamber and its activities.

Individual Membership entitles the individual to receive “Members Only” access to event seminars materials and up-to date business knowledge.

The annual Individual Membership fee is ¥1000.