Glenn an owner and General Manager of Nogogo Online Groceries (est 2008) & USA Co Shop (est 1995) Nogogo Online Groceries is South China’s largest online home delivery service of its type and is a complex business with over 8000 product lines, from 60 different Countries, employing 40 staff and operating out of both Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and servicing the PRD and PRC. Nogogo plan to expand to other cities in the future.

USA Co Shop is an import and distribution company that specialises in importing and wholesaling famous foreign brands. USA Co Shop has sales representatives in the following major cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao, Harbin and More. USA Co Shop supplies the many large supermarket chain store in PRC : Sam’s Club, Walmart, Vanguard, Granby, Park & Shop, Ole, Friendship Store and more.

Glenn has 25 plus years of Food & Beverage experience including as Executive Chef for Gambaro Family Restaurants Brisbane and has contributed to numerous Food Reviews in daily press as well as TV and other Media. He was 1 of the Chefs chosen in Australia for Barilla Pasta Cook Book.

As well as physically cooking he has consulted on many large food projects and assisted in lease negotiations with major Australian property landlords (Lend Lease and Westfield) on behalf of clients.

Glenn has opened, operated, managed and consulted for restaurants and food establishments in Australia, Greece, Cambodia and PRC.