Zac is a dental practitioner at Dental Bauhinia with a staff of 25 and located in Shenzhen.

He holds an Honours Degree Bachelor of Science in Dentistry (with First Class Honours) as well as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, both from the University of Adelaide, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry from Sydney University. He also holds a Ph.D from Nippon Dental University in Japan and is a recognized Foreign Expert and Registered Doctor (Dentist), People’s Republic of China.

His business practical experience includes: Private practice in: China, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands, Principal Clinical Dental Instructor, University of Hong Kong, and was Associate Professor, Fiji School of Medicine; Associate Professor at The Nippon Dental University at Niigata, School of Dentistry.

He has made contributions to over 100 scientific publications and was a Consultant to The World Health Organization and United Nations. He has been awarded Fellowship of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, International College of Dentists and Academy of Dentistry International in recognition for his contributions to dentistry.