Member Introduction | Yingke Law Firm

Yingke Law Firm is a global law firm from China, Yingke aims to serve the world with “one-stop” commercial legal services.Yingke has 37 offices in Chinese Mainland and 33 offices abroad. Until now, Yingke has provided satisfactory legal services to more than 50 thousand enterprises.

Yingke is dedicated to:

  • Providing Opportunities
  • Promoting Transactions
  • Creating Value
  • Solving Problems

LOGO -Mujinjun Legal Team

Mujinjun Legal Team of Yingke Law Firm

We provides comprehensive intellectual property protection services. This includes patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution and litigation as well as developing IP and trade secret protection strategies. Along with intellectual property development and protection, our team also provides advice in the areas of corporate governance, prevention of transaction risks, M&A, corporate finance, and IPO strategies, etc. As a team with foreign lawyers, we can handle all kinds of legal matters both at home and abroad.


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